ēklekTIPS // lovestruck

are you loveSTUCK?  we know this can happen to the best of us - due to the large amounts of solid color in the art, plus the repeating tabbed pieces, we “love” this one but it is TRICKY.  

take note of the very SUBTLE variations amongst the pieces and if a piece seems tight, it does not fit!  do not force a piece into place, each one is meant to easily slide and stick together without any amount of force.  

piece together the border and then sort the pieces into colors.  we find it easiest to put the completely solid color pieces in their own piles.  

TIP: some of the solid colored pieces are only "everrrr so slightly different" from one another, so put those similar pieces in their own mini piles for when you need to narrow down which one fits in the proper spot.  lastly, put the multicolored pieces into their own separate groups.