ēklektik @ home

We have the WOW factor your space needs! Take our acrylic puzzles to the next level by making it a piece of art, with one of our custom acrylic frames. 

Having friends over?  Showcase your hard work on your coffee table among stacks of books & fresh flowers!
Empty Shelves? Display your style with your ēklektik pieces and your home accessories!
Blank Walls? Use one of our acrylic ēklektik pieces frames to proudly display the family's dedication to puzzling!  Hang it alone or in a collage (better yet, a collage of other ēklektik pieces) and make it the focal point of your room/hall.

No matter how you choose to display them, our ēklektik pieces are sure to be the topic of conversation in your home! Show us your puzzled form of art by tagging us on Instagram @eklektik.pieces

** Make sure you check our site often as we are continually collaborating with artists all over the USA for procured pieces exclusively designed for ēklektik pieces and even some limited runs!  DON'T MISS OUT!